Courses Taught


Philosophy, Lower-Division 

Introduction to Philosophy (recent syllabus)

Introduction to Ethics

Introductory Bioethics 

Logic (recent syllabus)

Business Ethics 

History of Ancient Western Philosophy 


Philosophy, Upper-Division 


Metaphysics (recent syllabus)

Philosophy of Religion

Science & Religion 


History of Modern Philosophy (recent syllabus)

Advanced Logic (recent syllabus)

Undermining Explanations

Modality & Ultimate Explanation




The Thought of C.S. Lewis


Religious Studies 

Islam & the West 

Global Christianity 

The Atonement


Study Abroad 

Philosophy in Italy 

French Philosophy 

Greek Philosophy

Environmental Ethics in Costa Rica

Graduate Courses

Evolutionary Ethics

The Origin & Rationality of Religion

Students love ideas.  Many just don't know it yet.  Like Socrates, I see my role as a teacher as that of a midwife: I want to help my students give birth to their own ideas and work hard to see the world more clearly.  And it works.  As one student recently put it, "Justin McBrayer could teach me anything, and I would love the s**t out of it," (www.ratemyprofessors.com).  In 2012, I was honored to receive the New Faculty Teaching Award.