Good leadership requires courage, clear-thinking, and fairness.  This is especially true in the academy where there are multiple stakeholders, each with their own priorities, and yet a commitment to shared governance.  And it turns out that Plato was right: training in philosophy is training for good leadership!  I strive to bring the skills I have honed as a philosopher to bear on the problems facing the communities that I lead.



Chair, Department of Philosophy & Political Science, Fort Lewis College, 2017-present


Executive Director, Society of Christian Philosophers, 2017-present

Project Leader, Explaining Religion Project, John Templeton Foundation, 2016-17


Member, Board of Trustees, Fort Lewis College, 2014-16

Executive Committee, Society of Christian Philosophers, 2014-17

Member, Vestry, Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, 2012-15


College Service


Senator, Faculty Senate, Fort Lewis College, 2012-16


Co-chair, Academic Standards Committee, Fort Lewis College, 2011-16


Chair, First-year Experience Taskforce, Fort Lewis College, 2012-14


Director, Religious Studies program, Fort Lewis College, 2009-15

Organizational Strategic Planning Committee, Fort Lewis College, 2011


Representative to state-wide, faculty-to-faculty curriculum forum, Fort Lewis College, October 13-15, 2011


Honors Council, Fort Lewis College, 2009-12 


Faculty-in-Residence, Animas Hall, Fort Lewis College, 2009-14